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You're an emotional being.
So am I.
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Together, let's explore the depths of being human.

The Feminine Revival is well underway —

is this the moment you’ve been waiting for?

Have you awakened to your inner authority?

Do you own a sense of wonder about your emotions?

Do you allow yourself to be multifaceted and imperfect?

Each one of us is a work in progress.

The Hungry Feminine is my progress.

I believe one of the most significant causes of human suffering in modern society is

our collective devaluing of those very elements: empathy, imagination, nurturance, presence, receptivity, emotional intelligence -- the elements of the archetypal feminine.

As such, I've nurtured The Hungry Feminine to be a space where that feminine can be fed through creativity, emotional expression, storytelling, collaboration, and respect of nature.

Breathing life back into the feminine leads us to a brighter masculine and a deeper sense of wholeness.

I'm Vanessa

Neurodivergent, multi-passionate feeler, creative, and guardian of solitude.

Some of my passions have made me also:

photographer, potter, writer, painter, and explorer of strange and beautiful places. 

a podcast about the archetypal feminine and masculine.

I consider myself a wayward wanderer of both light and shadow aspects of self. My work has led me to become something of a tour guide for others seeking the same; to more deeply connect with themselves and the world they're in.

Often perusing my own emotional landscape, creating spontaneously, and living in awe of nature, I find the non-literal and non-linear elements of life to be sacred.

That's why I'm here
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I coach and mentor adults who are seeking

balance between archetypal feminine and masculine within themselves.

This is how I got here.

Two months after the 2008 economic collapse, I strutted out of Hofstra University with a brand new, and suddenly useless, bachelors degree in business management.

Millions of people were out a job, and with no real workforce experience, I would be no one's first hiring choice. I worked various jobs wherever possible until I found myself deep into a digital marketing career I never meant to start.

Eventually, once job scarcity waned, I realized I could make a renewed choice. Against the limiting narratives of the world I grew up in, I went back to school.


A few years later I graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute with a master's in Depth Psychology. Days before the COVID lockdown began, I passed my licensing exam and became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I don't offer therapy in this space, but if you're seeking that kind of support, you can visit my practice page.

I decided to expand into coaching and consultation because I wanted to focus more directly on the masculine and feminine in my one-on-one work with clients and support a wider variety of individuals.

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