I'm Vanessa, a writer and Marriage and Family Therapist based in Los Angeles. I studied Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute which is where the seed of The Hungry Feminine was planted.


The Hungry Feminine began with an inquiry about disordered eating patterns that arose during my graduate school research.  I became interested in the unconscious cravings of women with binge eating disorder while writing my master's thesis, The Hungry Feminine and a Patriarchal Gag Order: Binge Eating in American Women.

Even after it was published, I couldn't put a cork in my curiosity about food and body and the feminine in America and how, even for those without a diagnosed eating disorder, those relationships are impacted by a culture that fetishizes food, celebrates consumption, and yet shames bodies. As I continue to unwrap new layers of this research, including broader perspectives that even transcend food and include privilege, relationships, sex, and politics, you can

follow along on the blog. These broader perspectives opened up once I realized the more I was talking about food in the context of modern cultures, the more I was, in fact, talking about everything

The Hungry Feminine has evolved into a space for exploration and discovery for all. Oftentimes the concepts discussed here are safeguarded by academic gatekeepers, but if consciousness is really what we call for in the world, the knowledge deserves to be in the hands of everyone, not just those privileged enough to gain entry into intense academia. The Hungry Feminine isn't here to pathologize, diagnose, or prescribe. This is a platform for universal understanding and, with any luck, self-forgiveness, regardless of your specific relationship with self, others, food, body image, and the feminine.


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