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THF Academy
Learnings for Integrated Living
Online lectures and self-paced courses on topics supporting emotion regulation, communication, conflict resolution, leadership, parenting, ADHD management, and the archetypal feminine.
ADHD For the Holidays
This online lecture discusses stressors associated with going home for the holidays or attending holiday social gatherings, including sensory overload, emotion dysregulation, and confronting unresolved feelings toward your family of origin.

Made with you in mind if you:
  • Received an ADHD diagnosis late in life
  • Have ADHD and struggle with overwhelm around family and/or social gatherings
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The Basics of Therapy
This online mini-lecture provides an overview of what therapy is and is not, how to find the right therapist for yourself, how to make the best use of therapy for your particular goals, and how to handle the unavoidable challenging bits.

Made with you in mind if you:
  • Have wanted to seek therapy but feel unsure or apprehensive
  • Want to learn more about how to find the right therapist and get the most from therapy
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Emotion Regulation & Conflict Resolution
This online lecture discusses conflict resolution skills for those managing teams, classrooms, or children at home, including how to regulate your own emotions and strengthen EQ for improved communication, conflict management, and mental health.

Made with you in mind if you:
  • Lead a team or classroom of individuals where conflict can occur
  • Are a parent and struggle with overwhelm and control
  • Occupy a position of leadership or power over others 
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Archetypal ADHD
This self-paced online course is for adults with ADHD and clinicians who support them. Designed to illuminate both the neurochemical and emotional impacts of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, including rejection sensitivity, task inertia, and food relationships.

Made with you in mind if you:
  • Are an adult with ADHD, especially if you were diagnosed later in life and are piecing together your past
  • Work clinically with adults with ADHD
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The Feminine Repressed: Food & the Soul
The feminine: our source of intuition, compassion, and nourishment. We see this archetypal element repressed in masculine-dominant cultures where, collectively, we chase material excess but starve for soul. Utilizing a depth lens to view this stifled nourishment as a metaphor, this lecture brings new ways of understanding food bingeing, purging, and restricting.

Made with you in mind if you:
  • Feel you use food to fulfill non-physical parts of you
  • Work clinically with clients who do the same
Men and the Fem Cover.jpg
Men & the Fem
This online lecture discusses the impact of the repressed archetypal feminine on men. While the concept of the archetypal feminine and masculine is distinct from gender, societal gender expectations and means of survival in masculine-dominated cultures have repressed the feminine in us all. Men are harmed in particular ways.

Made with you in mind if you:
  • Are a cisman, transman, or AMAB who's confused but intrigued by the archetypal feminine
  • Are a man who wants to learn more about his emotional life and the parts of himself repressed by societal expectations
  • Want to support the integration of masculine and feminine archetypes for men in your life
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What They Didn't Teach You Then
This online mini-lecture is a lesson in emotional attunement, communication and conflict resolution skills, and other emotional skills they never taught us in school; lessons that sure would have helped us adapt to adulthood better than our calculus classes did.

Made with you in mind if you:
  • Recently graduated and feel overwhelmed by adulthood after 2 decades of studenthood
  • Have been an adult for a while but still feel overwhelmed by it
  • Want to improve your EQ (emotional quotient) and learn basic skills to support your emotional self
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Up All Night: Food, Mood, & Getting a Good Night's Sleep
This online lecture keeps you company on late nights when you feel food urges taking over. Food shouldn't be moralized (nor should you for eating it) but if it feels like food is in the driver's seat and you're involuntarily along for the ride, this lecture, which includes morally-neutral information, tools to bridge the hot-cold empathy gap, grounding exercises, and reflection questions may help. With neurodiversity in mind, you'll also find tips for struggles with executive functioning and decision-making around food.
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