Where you stumble
there lies your treasure
Joseph Campbell

Sessions held exclusively on secure video chat for clients residing in California.

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If life feels like it’s gotten off course, you’ve already taken an important step by being here. Seeking growth, expansion, or meaning in your life is a commendable step but asking for help and opening up to someone new can feel vulnerable and intimidating.


Using empathy, curiosity, and tender humor I meet you where you are and create an environment aimed toward your safety, freeing you to engage in the process of self-discovery. Carl Jung called suffering a great teacher. My role is to help you unlock its hidden lessons and support you back to a healing place.

Therapy is a bit of an adventure. What we discuss in our weekly sessions is best applied to, or inquired about, in your day-to-day life. This is how most people see benefits from therapy.

The process may not always feel blissful. Like most things in life, sometimes getting to the good stuff requires some confrontation with discomfort.


Therapy is often more about surrendering, unlearning, and experiencing rather than "trying to change" or exterminating unpleasant feelings.

Life, by definition, is about continual change. This means no state remains forever, for better or worse. Therapy isn't a process of avoiding life's ups-and-downs or obtaining a static state of perfection.

Instead, I believe therapy can be helpful in arriving to those ups and downs with:

  • Curiousity and openness to deeper meaning

  • An interest in getting to know yourself more intimately

  • The capacity to understand your inner needs and meet them

  • Healthy strategies to self-regulate and cope through life's challenges

  • An eye toward play, connectivity, and community 

  • An active imagination as a tool for growth and understanding desires

  • Secure and fulfilling relationships 

  • Passion, purpose, and support


Self-inquiry, self-exploration, and meaning-making lend themselves to this process. I work well with curious and thoughtful individuals who take their internal lives and emotional selves seriously or want to learn to do so. 


I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles, California. I received my Masters in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and have experience working with adults, couples, and adolescents in community mental health, residential treatment, and private practice settings.

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When our archetypal feminine and masculine are off balance, we may experience suffering in various forms. Using this lens to explore depression, disordered eating, rejection sensitivity, interpersonal issues, gender identity, military re-integration, and other struggles you may be facing, we can approach your healing through needed traits of the feminine including nurturance, creativity, mindfulness, and deep curiosity. The structure, accountability, and action toward change that the masculine holds will support us, as well. However the feminine approach aims to revive and repair instincts and self-image that have been compromised under the cultural pressures of productivity, conformity, and consumption.

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My practice of psychotherapy is informed by a combination of soul-informed and evidence-based approaches that aim to support you in your process of self-discovery, both exploring deeply-rooted joy and suffering while also incorporating actionable behavior changes toward your goals. These differing modalities are called upon based on the needs of the individual.

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Changing behaviors is a noble step toward self-improvement, but just mowing the weeds doesn't stop them from growing back. The process of self-discovery is a beautiful one that allows your whole self to come into focus. Digging up and healing the unconscious material behind your struggle -- tending to the root of the weeds -- can lead to long-lasting change.

I can partner you in that excavation.