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The Feminine Repressed: Unconscious Cultural Impacts

on Social Politics and Disordered Eating Patterns


The feminine: our source of intuition, compassion, and nourishment. We see this archetypal element repressed in masculine-dominant cultures where, collectively, we're chasing material excess but starving for soul. Utilizing a depth lens to view this stifled nourishment as a metaphor, we might begin to understand food bingeing, purging, and restricting in a new way.

The presentation provides:

  • A high level review of Carl Jung's concepts of the psyche

  • An exploration of the meaning of the archetypal feminine and masculine

  • Examples of how the feminine is repressed in American culture, including how this shows up in our gender and social politics and why those difficult topics are important for clinicians to know about

  • Possible impacts of the repressed feminine on disordered eating patterns

  • How we can see food as a metaphor to help us understand unconscious dynamics in food relationships

  • Tools for working from this perspective to support your clients who struggle with food and/or body image issues as well as those suffering from any imbalance of feminine and masculine

Audience: Mental health professionals

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $35 USD

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