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While finding a telehealth therapist is easier than ever, with most things the internet has laid her ambitious hands on these days, it can also feel like an overwhelming pursuit to find the right person for you. How do you know if your therapist is capable of understanding the nuances of technology and its influences on the very human experience of therapy? How might you know if you’ll feel comfortable sharing your vulnerable thoughts with a stranger who’s just a face on a computer screen? While telehealth has given us many opportunities to grow and connect beyond our geographical limits, we also want to make sure we’re honoring the human experience of it all.

How to Find the Right Telehealth Therapist For You

California teletherapy is the way of the future, but it can also be scary to take such a personal and human-centered experience and put some computer screens in the middle of it. Here are some traits you may want to seek out in a telehealth therapist to ensure you’re getting the best quality therapy, despite this major shift in how we’re doing therapy.

Goes with the Unprecedented Gain, Not Against It

Telehealth psychotherapy comes with its own benefits and challenges. Having a telehealth therapist who understands those ups and downs is a good person to have in your corner. Why can that be beneficial to you, as a client? Because capitalizing on strengths and giving space and grace for weaknesses is a great way to hold the dialectic in any scenario, or the belief that two things can be true at once.

Telehealth psychotherapy provides benefits such as eliminating traffic and parking hassles, decreasing the overall amount of time you need to devote toward therapy, allowing you to engage in healing from the comfort of your own home. Some of the tricks of telehealth psychotherapy can be blurred lines between responsibility and self-care, a lack of privacy to speak freely in shared spaces, and of course the ever-predictable technical difficulties such as WiFi cutting out and device batteries dying. A telehealth therapist who can adapt to these pros and cons with you collaboratively will make for a much more enjoyable and therapeutic experience.

Understands the Importance of Human Connection

While telehealth psychotherapy has helped us tremendously through a period of time when in-person human contact was more harm than good, and continues to allow us adaptable ways of connecting, it doesn’t entirely replace the quality of connection that can occur when people are face-to-face. A therapist who understands the value of human connection and is practiced in offering high-quality attunement through the channels of technology will be an important person to work with. This means not allowing the technology to become a distraction, even if technical difficulties emerge. It also means not taking digital notes, checking texts or emails during session, or having other tabs open that can be a distraction to the therapist. It means that, apart from the screen, everything operates as though you’re sitting there face-to-face so you get the most out of your time with your clinician.

Is Adaptable to the Cultural Shifts

Telehealth is the supporting character in a play that has recently taken a rather significant plot twist. And you want a therapist who can come along for the ride. Whether you’re struggling with issues of codependency, perfectionism, or struggles in your relationship with food and body, or you’re struggling with more macro issues like social injustice, the impacts of climate change, COVID, or the aching effects of hyper-capitalism, your ideal telehealth therapist can support your ebbs and flows and reactions to this unearthing time. These days are not business as usual, and while your therapist is experiencing those shifts as well, the right therapist for you can accompany you on your personal path to healing.

Finding the right MFT in California isn’t always easy and may take you some trial and error. But if you’re looking for telehealth psychotherapy that is understanding of the ups and downs of this new frontier, and my other content here has resonated with you, your search may be done. Contact me today by completing the contact form below and I’ll reach out about a free consultation call to see if we’ll be a good fit.

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