The Tao of Raffi

CBC Still Photo Collection. 1984.

Gen Xers and Elder Millennials may remember a charming bearded fella named Raffi, a folk-singer-turned-children's-musician who mastered in the art of sprinkling feminine energy into early childhood education.

Raffi was known for sing-songy sing-a-long classics such as "Baby Beluga" and "Down by the Bay," but he also shared with his young fans a plethora of advice that encouraged self-expression, mindfulness, and gratitude. Plus he taught us the value of taking in a few grounding breaths in the middle of a good time.

As an adult, I'm grateful for learning from Raffi at a young age. And in hindsight, I can't help but think he was sent here to help us realize the potential of our individual wisdom and the order of the universe. Here are the key tenets to the Tao of Raffi as I believe them to be true:

1. Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed

Today is calling and this is what it's saying

Rise with the rest of us, shine like a pearl, rise and show your love all around the world

2. Feed Your Body Well

Eat your apples and bananas, as well as your aypples and banaynays, eepples and baneenees, ipples and baninis, opples and bononos, upples and banunus.

3. Eat Outdoors When You Can

Go on a picnic. Leave right away. And if it doesn't rain, stay all day.

4. Send Formal Requests for Solar Playdates, Attn: Mr. Sun

Sometimes the sun responds to musical requests to hang out, just make sure you address him as "Mr."

5. Be Proactive About Pest Control

When there's a spider on the floor (on the floor), do something about it quickly before it crawls up to your head and you wish you were dead.

6. Shake it Out

When a still body is no place for your buzzing emotions, shake your sillies out, clap your crazies out, jump your jiggles out, yawn your sleepies out, stretch your stretchies out, and wiggle your waggles away.

7. Take the Slow and Scenic Route

Drink some orange juice, put on your walking shoes, and then walk to <strike>school</s> work.

8. Listen to the Spirit

You gotta sing when your spirit says sing

You gotta shout when your spirit says shout

You gotta play when your spirit says play

You gotta stomp when your spirit says stomp

You gotta hush when your spirit says hush

You gotta sing when your spirit says sing

9. Hang Out with Your Friends

The more you get together (together, together), the happier you'll be.

10. Remember that Everything Grows

A blade of grass, fingers and toes Hair on my head, a red, red rose Everything grows, anyone knows That's how it goes

11. Be Grateful

Give thanks for the sun in the sky, the clouds so high, the moonlit night, the stars so bright, and the wondering you.


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