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Qualities of the Feminine and Masculine: A Table

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Taking a masculine approach to understanding the yin/yang dynamic -- in all of its glory of light and shadow -- here's a table from my The Feminine Repressed presentation that can help make the differences a bit more digestible.

Remember that while these traits may be socialized and raised into us based on our gender, they are separate from gender. A cis-man can be dominant in feminine traits just as easily as another may be dominant in masculine traits. A cis-woman can be dominant in masculine traits just as easily as another may be dominant in feminine traits. The same can be said for trans-men and trans-women as well as non-binary folks, regardless of sex assigned at birth.

The thing to be curious about isn't how your gender literally matches up with the traits but how you being socialized to conform to the traits society expects of your gender or sex assigned at birth may have created wounding and incongruence for you; unconscious reactions that made you shun parts of yourself you loved and have to over-develop parts of yourself you never felt very connected to but were convinced you were "supposed to."



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