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How to: Feed a Healthy Feminine (and Masculine)

What's dark in the masculine can be illuminated by the feminine. What's dark in the feminine can be illuminated by the masculine. When one -- either feminine or masculine -- is in excess, shadow traits will appear. Get back to light through balance.

Behavioral Signs of Feminine Excess:

  • Low energy

  • Hypersomnia

  • Excessive guilt

  • Apathy

  • Over/undereating

  • Lack of motivation

  • Compulsive behavior

Behavioral Signs of Masculine Excess:

  • Restlessness

  • Insomnia

  • Need for constant stimulation

  • Anger/irritability

  • Aggression

  • Grandiosity

  • Impulsive behavior

Once you're able to recognize which quality you're in excess of, you can take steps toward balance.

For feminine excess, feed a healthy masculine by:

  • Actively moving (running, hiking, boxing)

  • Establishing goals and timelines

  • Creating/holding boundaries

  • Making commitments

  • Taking ownership (not blame) of missteps

  • Completing responsibilities (like that thing you keep putting off)

  • Replacing unhealthy coping skills with more effective ones

For masculine excess, feed a healthy feminine by:

  • Moving more calmly (yoga, tai chi, walking)

  • Meditating and being still

  • Spending time in nature

  • Connecting meaningfully, intimately with others

  • Practicing assertive communication

  • Nourishing your Self (with hearty yummy food, cozy self-care, or other things that feel fulfilling)

  • Recognizing abundance in your life

  • Playing, creating, imagining



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