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Updated: Jan 25

Episode 9: The Labyrinth of Self-Compassion

Episode 7: Mental Health as a Social Justice Issue

Episode 6: Depression and the Repressed Feminine

Episode 5: Community Care for our Military Veterans

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Episode 14: The Feminine Shadow and it's Imprint on Relations, Part 2

Episode 13: The Feminine Shadow and it's Imprint on Relations, Part 1

Episode 12: Empathy in the Masculine and in Times of Crisis

Special Episode: COVID-19 and the Forced Feminine Revival

Episode 11: Overcoming Silence - A Tribute to Ed Ingles

Episode 10: Food Addiction as an Attachment Disorder

Episode 8: The Feminine and Masculine in Therapy

Episode 4: Moral Injury and the Weaponization of Burnout

Episode 3: Implicit Weight Bias and Food as a Metaphor

Episode 2: Perfectionism, the Shadow, and the Martyr

Episode 1: The Hungry Feminine Origin Story



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