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Therapy for
Legal Professionals

Give Your Analytical Mind an Emotional Break 

Therapy for Lawyers 

You've reached the pinnacle of your career or are on your way to it. You've worked harder than the rest, succeeded in challenging and competitive environments, and even surpassed your own expectations of yourself.

And yet you're still struggling to feel happy and fulfilled.

You've mastered your analytical mind, learning complicated historical and ever-changing fundamentals of law and your professional responsibilities in it, generating an immense confidence in your professional self.

And yet there remain situations you can't seem to confront with the same confidence you apply to your work.

Perhaps you often experience loneliness as your career path led you down isolating roads.

Or maybe you're not able to enjoy your success because deep down you feel like an imposter.

Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones who once felt happy and fulfilled but are now just burnt out and exhausted.

Get Support with Burn-Out 

Successful professionals tend to have a hard time asking for help. You might think it will be perceived as weakness to get support from a therapist. You might even think therapy is a bit of a crock considering it can't guarantee measurable outcomes quite the same way your line of work can.

Talking about your emotions? Reflecting on old wounds? Who has the time and why would anyone bother?

And yet some part of you knows that taking the time for yourself to tend to the part of you that's not always running, thinking, debating, or managing will be worthwhile. Perhaps you even crave it, however scary or uncomfortable it seems.

To release control.

To put down expectations.

To explore more of your human self beyond your impactful career. 

This is what therapy is for. And I can meet you in that process so that you don't feel alone, don't feel judged, and don't feel weak. Because asking for help is actually quite strong.

EQ for Attorneys  

In fact, tending to your own emotional health may not only help you discover your unmet needs and desires, allow you to slow down a bit and catch your breath, and seek out what would make your life most meaningful, it might also make you better at your job.

You're great at analytical thinking, but the emotional side of you isn't as clear or comfortable for you.

Emotional Intelligence can go a long way in any profession that deals directly with people, especially people in the kinds of crisis you tend to find your clients in.


Imagine having more bandwidth to not only be great at what you know how to do, but to also feel more comfortable navigating the human complexity of it all. Who knows, it may even lead you to arguments you wouldn't have thought of before.

Therapy offers new perspectives that can change how we think, feel, and act, bringing us closer to our true selves -- the whole self, not just the achiever in us.


I offer sessions online which will maximize flexibility in your busy schedule. No need to drive across town during rush hour or spend half of your session searching for a parking spot in Los Angeles. The time will be all yours for you to talk about what's most important to you. And isn't that what you deserve after all your hours helping others in their time of hardship?

Get Started with Therapy

Ready to do the work?

Here are the answers to some of your more burning questions:

- I offer online video therapy for adult residents of California

- I am not in-network with insurance but can provide monthly superbills for reimbursement

- My fee per session is $200

If you're ready to move forward:

Browse the FAQ for additional answers to your most important questions.

Then contact Vanessa to set up a free initial consultation call.

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