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Kink- and Poly-Affirming Therapy

Meaningful Expressions of Self and Relationship-Building

Kink-Affirming Therapy 

Studying psychology in graduate school was when I first learned that sex therapy is its own specialization; a field where therapists focus solely on the expressions and malfunctions of sexuality. While I deeply respect the breadth and depth of skill a therapist may develop in pursuing that specialty, it made me nervous that therapists who were not pursuing it would forget that sex is both a basic and beautifully complex, meaningful, and expressive part of the human experience.


Sex therapy may be useful if your issues stem from and return back to sex every time. But if there are other things you want to work on and sexuality is one part of the puzzle, therapy should be able to meet you in your well-roundedness and expand with you.

I aim to create a comfortable environment where you can discuss things that may be difficult to talk about, including your newfound pursuit of sexual expression or your seasoned experience with it. So long as there is a foundation of consent, sexuality in all its forms benefits from support and meaningful exploration. 

Eros Beyond Sexuality 

The word "erotic" was derived from the Greek "eros," the latter of the terms also used in psychological senses to represent a life force or energy. 

Sexuality is a realm where pleasure is sought, but self-expression and the core energy of self moves out, around, and through intimacy of all kinds, too. Whether you're newly exploring your sexual desires and expression or know yourself well in this area, you may find it hard to open up to a therapist about it. Which is unfortunate considering how much of your authentic self then remains hidden in space where you ought to be witnessed instead.


Therapy for Non-Monogamy  

While I'm a cis-woman (she/her) currently in a heterosexual, monogamous partnership, I have experience working with individuals who move across all spectrums and with a variety of interests, orientations, and relationships. 


Your relationship is welcome into your deep personal work. Whether you're in an open, poly, monogamous, and other explorations of gender identity or sexuality.  

Get Started with Therapy

Ready to do the work?

Here are the answers to some of your more burning questions:

- I offer online video therapy for adult residents of California

- I am not in-network with insurance but can provide monthly superbills for reimbursement

- My fee per session is $200

If you're ready to move forward:

Browse the FAQ for additional answers to your most important questions.

Then contact Vanessa to set up a free initial consultation call.

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