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Therapy for Healthcare Workers

Get the Mental Health Care You Deserve

Healthcare workers continue to carry us through the pandemic and other ongoing crises of health.

At a time when everyone else was asked to stay home, you were called to the frontlines, where you continue to support us with hard work, long hours, and likely not a whole lot of work/life balance.

As you care for people day in and day out, it can be hard to make time to care for yourself.

But you need and deserve a space to feel heard and cared for, too. Therapy for healthcare workers can support burnout, overwhelm, and illness and give you better tools for managing the daily stressors of your critical role. 

Therapy for Doctors and Nurses

If you pursued a career in healthcare, it might be because you consider yourself a healer or have strong skills in caring for others.

I can speak from my own experience as a healer when I say having the skills to support others often comes at the sacrifice of applying those skills to ourselves. That's why therapy for therapists and healthcare workers can be so important. We may think we're taking good care of ourselves but might be in need of something more.

Having a therapeutic space that is yours in which to unload, unpack, process, explore, and contain what you're going through is one way to start giving yourself what you give to others. Which would only make you more available to do what you do best -- as they say, you can't pour from an empty cup.

Healthcare Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Healthcare workers are increasingly impacted by burnout in their field. After years of schooling, training, testing, and working long hours, medical professionals are vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed.

You may be experiencing:

Burn-out takes some time to recover from, but having a therapeutic container for you to feel nurtured, supported, heard, and encouraged can help the process along.

For all of the challenges of your jobs -- vicarious trauma, difficult conversations, long and grueling hours -- aligning and fueling your inner resources can keep you strong, passionate, and engaged in the important work you do. Therapy can help. 

Get Started with Therapy

Ready to do the work?

Here are the answers to some of your more burning questions:

- I offer online video therapy for adult residents of California

- I am not in-network with insurance but can provide monthly superbills for reimbursement

- My fee per session is $200

If you're ready to move forward:

Browse the FAQ for additional answers to your most important questions.

Then contact Vanessa to set up a free initial consultation call.

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