Do you struggle with emotional overeating, occasional restricting, or late night binges? Do pressures about body image keep you from living a full and happy life? Are you someone within whom perfectionism defeats self-love? 

Welcome to your revival.
If you're ready to stop beating yourself up over the cookies you've been "sneaking" in after dinner, trying to lose weight in order to gain worth, or feeling confused about food, let's talk.

Hi. I'm Vanessa. When we work together, we'll discuss...

  • How to relate to, and understand, your undesired food habits

  • Why emotional eating is OK! and how to grab control of it so it doesn't control you

  • How to enter a state of acceptance about your body

  • What goals you have for strengthening your relationship with food and your body

  • What obstacles have been getting between you and those goals thus far

  • What steps you can take toward a more fulfilling and empowered life


I can help you re-write the limiting narratives that keep you from self-love and acceptance while helping you establish measurable goals and engage with yourself compassionately. I celebrate choice and body autonomy. You don't have to subscribe to anyone else's idea of what you should eat and how you should look. By clearing out the negative thought patterns and self-judgment, and making food fun again, you can be on your way to better health.​

Private Coaching


This is an individualized educational coaching program designed to help you learn more about emotionally charged functions of food and how to move past the roadblocks that have been keeping you stuck and unhappy.

How Does Coaching Work?

We'll meet weekly via secured video chat (VSee), first to establish goals, challenges, and an action plan, and then to monitor progress and address any roadblocks that arise in the process. An overview of services includes:


  • Weekly 50-minute individual coaching sessions held via video chat (VSee)

  • Email support in between scheduled sessions

  • Relevant book, article, podcast recommendations and other materials that will support you

Who Could Benefit From This Program?

Adults who struggle with emotional overeating, binge eating, or sporadic restrictive periods, those who fear eating, those overwhelmed by daily food choices, those who feel insecure about eating, and those who struggle to find body acceptance, being infiltrated instead by body insecurity, disconnection, or shame.

Please note that this program will not suit those

  • Actively in crisis or consistently engaging in high-risk eating disorder patterns such as purging, restricting, and other compensatory weight loss behaviors.

    • At this stage of your recovery, it's important that you get support from appropriate resources, mental health, or medical professionals, or call 911 if you experience an emergency.

  • Those who have medical conditions or are on medications that impact hunger and appetite or require weight management.

    • Given the additional factors relating to your health, it's best to discuss your food and body struggles with your doctor.

This is not a weight loss program or a diet. Coaching is different from therapy and should not be used as a replacement for clinical treatment. If you have concerns about your health, please seek medical attention and work with a nutrition specialist for long-term recovery.