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Feed the Feminine Podcast Episode #1:

The Hungry Feminine Origin Story

Welcome to Feed the Feminine, a podcast dedicated to reviving archetypal feminine qualities in a masculine-dominated culture. Join me each episode as we talk about the archetypes present in how we eat, express, and relate and what we can do to find meaning and reach balance.

On this episode I’m talking about depression and how the collective repression of the feminine may be influencing depressive ways of being.

As always, before we dive in, a quick disclaimer. The information

provided here is intended to covey general information only and does not intend to replace or infer proper psychological diagnosis. No therapist/client  relationship is implied or actualized through any contact with this podcast, website or its creators unless formally agreed upon in a proper clinical setting. And now, without further ado, here's this week's episode of the Feed the Feminine podcast.


Action Steps

So what can we do with all of this information? For one thing, we can start increasing our awareness of our mood, naming depression when it arrives, if we don’t already, and getting to know ourselves in relationship to the masculine and feminine. As

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