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This online lecture discusses stressors associated with going home for the holidays or attending holiday social gatherings for those who are newly getting to know their ADHD. Topics include sensory overload, emotion dysregulation, and confronting unresolved feelings toward your family of origin.

Online Lecture Includes:

ADHD for the Holidays

A Three-Part Video Presentation

Tools, Journals, and Worksheets

THF Academy Membership

Covering Topics Such As:

Emotional Overwhelm

Negative Core Beliefs

Rejection Sensitivity


Sensory Overload

Conflict Management

Energy Needs & Limits

Hot-Cold Empathy Gap

Coping Ahead

Watch the Trailer

Learn How To:

Observe and manage emotional dysregulation

Identify your negative core beliefs and their impact

Nurture the attachment wounds behind your rejection sensitivity

Deepen your individuation and re-evaluate your values

Soothe sensory overload and somatic activation

Avoid or manage conflict with others

Channel your anxiety and resources into a Cope Ahead Plan 

Discover your energy limits and identify needs and boundaries

Utilize Journals and Worksheets to: 

Ground and regulate overwhelming emotions

Discover unconscious core beliefs and expired values

Reflect on new insights and reactions

Rewire shame acquired through neurotypical expectations

Develop a plan for coping through anticipated challenges

With THF Academy Membership You Can:

Submit questions to Vanessa to be answered in her Q&A video series

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And more

3-part video lecture series
4 downloadable worksheets
THF Academy membership
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20% Off
Early Bird Special ends 12/18/22
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Made with You in Mind if You:

  • Received an ADHD diagnosis late in life and are still getting to know yourself, processing your childhood, and understanding your limits
  • Have ADHD and struggle with overwhelm around family and/or social gatherings
  • Struggle with rejection sensitivity and shame about how you function
  • Are seeing family for the first time since being diagnosed with ADHD
  • Are learning about your energy limits and how to set boundaries around them
  • Experience inner conflict with sensory overload, people-pleasing, and avoiding rejection

Accessing this Lecture

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Upon purchase, an email with instructions will be sent to the email address you provide at check-out. You will be given access to a members-only portal on this website containing lecture videos and other course material, if applicable. If for some reason you don't receive this email and you've checked your spam/junk folder and the Social/Promotions tabs in gmail, please email

About the Lecturer

Vanessa Setteducato (she/her) is the creator of The Hungry Feminine and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, meeting individually with clients via telehealth in private practice and offering educational material online. Diagnosed with ADHD at 35, she understands the complexities of being neurodivergent and not knowing it, and how much grief, relief, and frustration can come with a delayed diagnosis. 
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About The Hungry Feminine

Both feminine and masculine archetypes live in every human. The feminine supports the parts of ourselves that tend to our emotional, relational, and spiritual wellbeing, historically overlooked components of our health. The Hungry Feminine seeks to revive archetypal feminine qualities that are repressed in Western culture, not to the extermination of the masculine but in collaboration with it, so that we may become whole again.

3-part video lecture series
4 downloadable worksheets
THF Academy membership
Emo Regulation Cover.jpg
20% Off
Early Bird Special ends 12/18/22
Get full access now for
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