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Seeking more connection with your inner feminine & masculine?

Get to know the new

Full Circle Coaching Program

In this four-week one-on-one virtual coaching program

you'll get to know how these archetypes inform you, strengthen you, and limit you.


Get to know more about:
  • aspects of archetypal feminine & masculine
  • how culture, community, and childhood can influence an imbalance
  • why that imbalance may be causing you strife, and
  • how to feel more empowered.


Explore & discover:
  • which feminine & masculine aspects inform your core beliefs, values, behaviors, and expectations
  • which archetype may be dominant in your reactions, and
  • which aspects of the other may be useful.


Collaborate on a plan to:
  • strengthen your non-dominant archetype and apply it in needed areas of your life
  • notice how that brings your dominant archetype into light, and
  • assess outcomes, remaining curious about what you need on the path to a sense of balance.

If you are interested in learning a little bit more about how the archetypal masculine and feminine show up in you -- your individual experience, the way that you see the world, your default behaviors and reactions to things, and the like, then reach out to me for one-on-one coaching. In this coaching setting I want to work with you to meet you where you are, get to know you a bit, get to know where you feel like things are a little sticky or where you're struggling, and help you navigate recognizing where there might be an excess of either feminine or masculine, which might be creating some shadow stuff, and it might be leading to some suffering. From there, with lots of love and compassion, we start to figure out if there's something in the opposite archetype than the one that you're experiencing excess in, that we might be able to cultivate in a healthy way that brings things back into balance a bit more. Coaching sessions will take place via Zoom and it's important to note that these are not therapy sessions. Instead, we'll navigate more at a higher level in applying what we know or what I can teach you about archetypal masculine and feminine and how to better work with those energies within yourself. If you're interested in doing this work, reach out to me via the contact link below. We'll set up a free discovery call so that you can see if we feel like a good fit before we dive into our sessions. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. And I look forward to hearing from you.

An excess of feminine or masculine energy can leave us feeling stuck, dissatisfied, and disconnected

This program is designed to help you locate the excess and restore a sense of balance.

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  • Weekly one-on-one Zoom sessions
  • Informal check-ins during weekly office hours


  • In-session education; Journal prompts & educational materials -- yours to use forever


  • Balance your feminine & masculine
  • Develop your inner parental unit
  • Find choice in how you respond


Your inner child needs an inner parent to meet them

Cultivating a strong feminine and masculine gives you the language, tools & perspectives to give that inner child loving, safe, and structured care.

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Compassionate accountability from your coach along the way to your goals,


Full Investment:  $740

Payment Options:

1 payment of $740

2 payments of $370

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Designed with You in Mind if You:

  • Have been curious about how these archetypal aspects show up in your life, work, and relationships
  • Are feeling creatively, productively, or relationally blocked
  • Need help developing a reliable internal mother/father duo to help re-parent your inner child
  • Want to strengthen one or both of these archetypes within

Coaching, Not Therapy

Coaching and therapy are separate and distinct services. While compassionate and skilled at holding space for complexity, as a coach, I won't be offering clinical interventions or deeply processing past wounds or emotions. Instead we'll stay focused on your goals through the feminine/masculine lens and can always assess if an additional referral is needed.

Here are some general ways coaching and therapy differ.
  • Does not diagnose or treat mental illness
  • Present- and future-focused
  • Goal-oriented (more masculine)
  • Usually short-term work
  • Facilitated by a professional with no specific credential or license
  • Can diagnose and treat mental illness
  • Present- and past-focused
  • Process-oriented (more feminine)
  • Usually long-term work
  • Facilitated by a professional with a state-issued license

Getting Started

It all starts with a hello. To request a free 20-minute discovery call, click the contact button below and let me know which program you're interested in (coaching, mentoring, consultation). From there, we'll schedule the call and have our first chat. I'll tell you a bit more about the program, you tell me what you're hoping to get from it, and, if we're ready to move forward, we'll put our sessions on the calendar.  

About Your Coach

Vanessa Setteducato (she/her) is the creator of The Hungry Feminine and host of Feed the Feminine. Having worked with clients in various capacities for nearly a decade, she understands the value of having someone empathically attuned to guide us through life's big questions. Officially exploring the balancing of feminine and masculine since 2017, she tends to see everything through this archetypal lens now. This provides her with loving and actionable insight in both calm and chaos.

About The Hungry Feminine

Both feminine and masculine archetypes live in every human. The feminine supports the parts of ourselves that tend to our emotional, relational, and spiritual wellbeing, historically overlooked components of our health. The Hungry Feminine seeks to revive archetypal feminine qualities that are repressed in Western culture, not to the extermination of the masculine but in collaboration with it, so that we may become whole again.

Feel like it might be a good fit?

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