telehealth psychotherapy california

As a therapist, it took me a while to get on board with the idea of doing telehealth psychotherapy because I knew there were so many benefits to doing therapy in person with my clients. However in recent years, the benefits of therapy telehealth have become clear, especially for clients. If you’re looking to start therapy for the first time, are getting back into it but haven’t tried online therapy yet, or you’re a telehealth pro by now, here are some reasons it’s been working so well.

3 Benefits of Telehealth Psychotherapy

Therapy should provide you with a sense of comfort, clarity, and safety as you move through challenging mental and emotional content. Technology should support rather than interfere with that process. Here are some ways telehealth psychotherapy supports growth and healing:

1. Client Convenience

Having an office in Los Angeles, my clients were well practiced in the art of leaving enough time in between work, dropping off the kids or their university assignments before hustling through traffic to circle the block a few times looking for a spot. Sometimes this made them late to session but even on the days when they arrived early, we would often spend the beginning of our sessions focused on grounding and being mindful about leaving that stress and frustration at the door. Telehealth psychotherapy allows for something different. Instead of stirring up the nervous system before and after therapy with unnecessary street stress, clients are able to just move from one room of the house to another, or from one part of the office to another, so they can settle in way more quickly and easily.


2. Adaptability

While clients still need to be in California at the time of our sessions, therapy telehealth also allows for in-state travel while continuing our regularly scheduled therapy program. So clients can take our sessions on the road with them, if they can do so safely and comfortably, so they don’t have to miss a week because they wanted to take the family to the lake for the weekend. In this situation, the kids get to play and mom or dad still get a chance to unpack that point of stress that’s been bugging them all week.

3. Comfort

When I started seeing my in-person clients via telehealth, I noticed how different it felt to be witnessing them in their home environment rather than my office. But I also noticed they seemed to be more comfortable sharing things, talking about certain topics, even showing me things to contextualize their stories which felt to aliven what they were trying to express. Being in your own environment while doing therapy allows you to, well, feel at home so you can kick off your feet, get as comfy as you’d like, and dig in more easily to what ails you. This removal of social politics in neutral environments has been really interesting to observe as a clinician and is one component of telehealth psychotherapy I hope is here to stay.

Finding the right MFT in California isn’t always easy and may take you some trial and error. But if you’re looking for telehealth psychotherapy that is understanding of the ups and downs of this new frontier, and my other content here has resonated with you, your search may be done. Contact me today and I’ll reach out about a free consultation call to see if we’ll be a good fit.