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Are we a good fit?
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We might be if you're a self-explorer seeking something deeper

You have a strong connection to your inner world or want to learn how to build it.

You feel ready to awaken to your inner authority and take back your power from the outside world.

You've been curious to learn how archetypal masculine and feminine play out in your everyday life. 

Maybe you've always felt like an outsider, a late bloomer, or an imposter, and never knew how to embrace your strengths for all they're worth. 

If you're ready to own a sense of wonder about your emotions, allow yourself to be multifaceted and imperfect, and let go of expired beliefs about yourself and the world, let's talk.

I'm Vanessa

A coach, mentor, and consultant who has been working one-on-one with clients for nearly a decade.

I work best with curious and creative individuals who are seeking collaborative support in dancing with shadow. 

I also work with healing professionals who are interested in viewing their cases and clients through the lens of masculine and feminine, as well as creative professional interested in viewing their characters through the same.

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If you're curious to learn more

take a look at my services and offerings. For one-on-one work, contact me to set up a free discovery call.

This 20-minute call will give us a preliminary opportunity to feel the vibe, discuss your goals and my approaches, and see if we want to take the next step.

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