“Set within the seed of the soul is not jut a fleeting image or a vague pattern but a lifelong story enfolded within, waiting to be cracked open and lived all the way out.” ―Michael Meade

Vanessa Setteducato, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #119184

Carl Jung said “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate,” and my clinical approach takes heed of that. I believe it’s important to honor and understand where you might get caught in your unconscious personal mythology and how those myths may be dictating your behavior. Tending to this unconscious material is a fundamental component of psychological healing and is a necessary complement to changing daily practices and creating better habits.

In session, I invite engagement of the imagination, giving voice to dreams, creating art, and tuning into body sensations in response to emotional stimuli. By giving space for what's below the surface, you can begin to tend to the root of what's keeping you from living a full and peaceful life and begin making behavioral changes that matter.


“Set within the seed of the soul is not jut a fleeting image or a vague pattern but a lifelong story enfolded within, waiting to be cracked open and lived all the way out.” ―Michael Meade


While earning my master's degree, I completed my traineeship at a community mental health clinic in Los Angeles. In clinical practice, I utilized psychodynamic, depth, and evidenced-based approaches to support a diverse group of adult individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, eating disorders, and psychosis.

As Primary Therapist at a short-term residential treatment facility for high-risk adolescents, I supported teenagers from 12-17 with co-occurring mental health disorders. Utilizing psychodynamic and DBT approaches, I facilitated individual and family therapy, as well as process groups, with the goals of minimizing high-risk behaviors and enhancing emotion regulation, authentic and effective communication, and self-discovery. Prior to becoming a Primary Therapist, I worked in the milieu with the teens as a Residential Counselor, offering direct care and crisis coaching, and leading psychoeducational groups including DBT Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Seeking Safety, and mindfulness.

Later, I applied a similar mix of clinical approaches as a Clinical Case Manager at a male residential treatment program for military veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan era. Combining therapy and case management, I offered support in the reintegration to civilian life and overcoming the daily impacts of trauma, including substance abuse, while assisting the veterans in the pursuit of stable housing, employment, education, social support, probation completion, and disability benefits.

I gained experience in private practice at Through the Woods Therapy Center, a private group practice in downtown Los Angeles where we offered strength-based individual therapy services for teenagers and adults of all genders and cultural backgrounds. Working from an intersectional feminist, LGBTQ+ affirmative, culturally aware perspective, where principles of social justice informed our work with clients, we affirmed the lives and relationships of everyone under the gender, sexual, and relationship minority umbrella.



California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS): Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #119184


Master of Arts, 

Counseling Psychology with emphasis in Depth Psychology

Pacifica Graduate Institute

Bachelor of Business Administration, 

Business Management

Hofstra University


The Hungry Feminine and a Patriarchal Gag Order: Binge Eating in American Women

(Setteducato, V.R., Master’s thesis, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2017).