Offering online video psychotherapy for adults in California who are struggling with:

Depression & Anxiety


Late-Life ADHD Diagnosis

Military Issues

Sexuality & Gender

or who are seeking to:

Make meaning of internal lives and emotional experiences

Understand deep relational wounding

Identify feminine and masculine archetypes in themselves

Improve communication

Self-explore and discover (or re-discover) passion and creativity

Shadow on Concrete Wall


The term "Feminine Therapy" may evoke some reactions within you, but its meaning is likely not what you think. This approach has less to do with gender and more to do with archetypal qualities that live in all genders; the yin to its complementary yang.


What are those qualities? Qualities of the feminine include nurturance, connection, imagination, receptivity, and a non-linear exploration of what lies just beneath our conscious knowing. My approach to therapy is rooted in feminine qualities with the aim of reconnecting you to your own feminine instincts.

Why is this a worthwhile pursuit? Those feminine instincts are often de-prioritized in modern day busy lives that thrive on productivity, quickness, and measurable action steps. A therapy approach that feeds our malnourished and hungry feminine counters societal pressures – which tend to be more masculine – in the hopes of creating inner balance as well as expanding meaning and improving experiences in daily life. 

Another way to think of feminine therapy is as soul-informed therapy. Where a more masculine medical model may pathologize and cure that which doesn't fit a socialized view of wellness, I recognize that part of the offered cure may stifle something you love about yourself. Instead I'd rather let your symptoms speak and seek meaning in a way that is safe and supported. 


Learn more about the archetypal feminine in modern day America by browsing my Mission & Philosophy, this overview of Qualities of the Feminine & Masculine, and this blog post exploring How Men Are Wounded by the Repressed Feminine. My podcast, Feed the Feminine, speaks more to this, as well.


Feminine Therapy is just one of my therapeutic roots. Other frameworks I pull from include:

Psychodynamic, Jungian, Narrative, Humanistic, Mindfulness and more masculine approaches (structured, evidence-based, skills-focused) such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Learn more about my background and approach: About

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