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The word feminine here refers not to the female gender but to the feminine principle that lives in all genders. The yin to its complementary yang. This principle is markedly absent in the social order of the patriarchy. The Hungry Feminine not only promotes its resurgence but also seeks to repair what's been damaged in its repression.

The feminine is our original source of nourishment, thus prompting an exploration of how its silencing may leave our culture unconsciously malnourished. If we view disordered eating patterns as a misguided attempt to regain what has been lost, we may benefit to ask ourselves: What's the feminine really hungry for?

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But it doesn't stop at food. A silenced feminine means the masculine has dominated unchecked and unbalanced in all areas of our lives, leaving its shadow qualities to run amok. American cultural norms say greed, consumption, and aggression are strong while compassion, intimacy, and imagination are weak. Balance must be restored.

This is a call to action.



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