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Welcome to the Feminine Revival

is this the moment you've been waiting for?

The Feminine is an archetypal energy present in all humans, but one that has historically been overlooked in our health, relationships, and how we spend our time.


Nurture our spiritual, intuitive, and emotional selves.

Collaborate and share abundance with our communities.

Embrace the chaos, fluidity, & uncertainty in all things.

Imagine and create the open-hearted world we crave.


Hi, I'm Vanessa

I started The Hungry Feminine in 2017 while writing my master's thesis and exploring the unconscious dynamics of my eating disorder. What was I actually hungry for?

Since then I've come to learn that the feminine represents everything I was good at and cared most about, but also everything that was dismissed, belittled, and condemned in the world I found myself. Why was that so and what consequences did that world face for repressing such an important aspect of humanity? That's what continues to be explored in this space.

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Neurodivergent, multi-passionate, feeler, creator, therapist, coach, and guardian of solitude.



Feed the Feminine is dedicated to reviving archetypal feminine qualities in a masculine-dominated culture.


Each episode explores themes and archetypes present in how we eat, express, and relate and what we can do to find meaning and balance between feminine and masculine.

Imago in Motion is a new special feature in which filmmaker Bobby Bruton joins me to discuss the symbols and archetypes in our favorite motion pictures.


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